This course will provide Oral health professionals with a refresher on contemporary and evidence based orthodontic practice. The science and practice of orthodontic skills are explored. This course is suitable for Oral health professionals entering into orthodontic practice, to gain a refresher on current practice or to upskill on specific areas of orthodontic practice for Hygienists and Therapists. 

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    ourse learning objectives:

    • Module 1 Orthodontic Principles for Hygienists and Therapists
      • Understand the principles of human growth and development relevant to the practice of orthodontics
      • Recognise the principles of contemporary orthodontic examination, diagnosis and treatment planning
      • Recognise the facial features used for orthodontic diagnosis
      • Recognise the soft tissue and dental features used for orthodontic diagnosis
      • Understand the records use for diagnosis and treatment planning in orthodontics
      • Appreciate the role of Dental Hygienists and Therapists in orthodontic practice and governing rules
    • Module 2 Orthodontic Practice I for Hygienists and Therapists
      • Recognise the parts of fixed orthodontic appliances
      • Appreciate the biomechanics in fixed orthodontic appliances
      • Appreciate the instruments used in orthodontic practice
      • Understand the procedures Hygienists and Therapists perform in orthodontic practice
      • Appreciate the procedure to safe removal of fixed orthodontics
    • Module 3 Orthodontic Practice II for Hygienists and Therapists
      • Appreciate the role of removable appliances in orthodontics
      • Understand the benefits and limitations of clear aligner therapy
      • Appreciate the procedures in clear aligner therapy
    • Module 4 Orthodontic Principles III for Hygienists and Therapists
      • Understand modern concepts of orthodontic retention
      • Know the advantages and disadvantages of the removeable orthodontic retainers available in practice
      • Know the advantages and disadvantages of the types of fixed orthodontic retainers available in practice
      • Understand the procedure for placing a fixed retainer 


    • Fully online course
    • Four interactive modules
    • Self-paced learning
    • 9 hours' scientific CPD


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