The Dental Public Health research stream broadly conducts research to understand the epidemiology of health and oral ill-health; and improve and enhance the oral health of communities at a population level.

The DPH stream has a specific focus on understanding and improving the oral health and quality of life of vulnerable populations including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, people suffering general health morbidities such as Multiple Sclerosis, mental health illnesses and people who are homeless. The stream is also keenly interested in investigating best clinical practice to ensure populations receive evidence-based care.

Members of the stream have significant networks and collaborations across UQ (for example various schools across the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health) as well as with Australian and international universities. The stream is a collaborator on the Global Burden of Disease. The stream is well-established with a critical mass of both academic staff and Higher Degree Research students.


  • Conduct research to: understand and document the problem of oral health disparities for vulnerable groups; and inform the design of appropriate interventions
  • Provide a forum for forming research questions of importance to the community,
  • Create a community of practice for health care workers and researchers working with vulnerable groups
  • Give consumers a voice
  • Advocate for oral health as a central requirement for wellbeing for all people
  • Promote interprofessional practice and education
  • Prioritise the local region, however place this within a national and global context

Professor Loc Do, UQ School of Dentistry

Professor Pauline Ford, UQ School of Dentistry

Associate Professor Ratilal Lalloo, UQ School of Dentistry

Dr Diep Ha, UQ School of Dentistry

Dr Matthew Nangle, UQ School of Dentistry

Nicole Stormon, UQ School of Dentistry  

Claire Mangoyana, UQ School of Dentistry

Christopher Sexton, UQ School of Dentistry 

Dr Jessica Zachar, UQ School of Dentistry

Dr Kelly McGowan, UQ School of Dentistry

Dr Nicolie Jenkins, UQ School of Dentistry

Nithin Manchery, UQ School of Dentistry HDR student

Ailson Dickinson, Queensland Health