The Dental Public Health research stream broadly conducts research to understand the epidemiology of health and oral ill-health; and improve and enhance the oral health of communities at a population level.


Oral Health Equity Research Alliance

Oral health for all (oralis salutem omnibus)

  • Conduct research to: understand and document the problem of oral health disparities for vulnerable groups; and inform the design of appropriate interventions
  • Provide a forum for forming research questions of importance to the community,
  • Create a community of practice for health care workers and researchers working with vulnerable groups
  • Give consumers a voice
  • Advocate for oral health as a central requirement for wellbeing for all people
  • Promote interprofessional practice and education
  • Prioritise the local region, however place this within a national and global context

Professor Pauline Ford, UQ School of Dentistry

Associate Professor Ratilal Lalloo, UQ School of Dentistry

Dr Archana Pradhan, UQ School of Dentistry

Miss Nicole Cockburn, UQ School of Dentistry 

Dr Kelsey Pateman, UQ School of Dentistry 

Mr Christopher Sexton, UQ School of Dentistry 

Professor Steve Kisely, UQ School of Medicine

Associate Professor Sue Patterson, Metro North Mental Health Services

Dr Alison Cheah, UQ School of Dentistry

Dr Marcnin Sowa, UQ Centre for the Business and Economics of Health

Dr Meng Wong Taing, UQ School of Pharmacy

Associate Professor David Harley, Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Tegwen Howell, Emergency Medicine Foundation

Jane O’Shea, Neami National

Zoe Cunningham, Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland