Augmenting the learning experience

31 Oct 2019

student wearing headsetTechnology is augmenting the learning experience for allied health students at The University of Queensland.

HoloLens is a computerised headset with transparent lenses that provide an augmented reality experience.

Different to virtual reality, which provides a fully artificial environment, augmented reality is an overlay of computer-generated content onto the physical surroundings.

Wearing the headset, students observe and interact with three-dimensional (3D) holographic images as though they are in the room.

Nursing students are using the HoloPatient app.

A holographic patient presents with symptoms, allowing students to observe and evaluate the patient.

Students can walk 360 degrees around the hologram: assess their symptoms, watch their breathing, monitor their vital signs, and then discuss the patient with classmates and teachers.

This helps them to build their skills at patient observation, active listening and assessment description, which are important attributes for nurses.


Students in the School of Dentistry are using the HoloHuman app.

HoloHuman provides an immersive 3D exploration of anatomy, giving an unparalleled view of the human body.

Almost like having X-ray vision, students can see through the skin and explore the depths and layers of the human body.

Parts of the body can be isolated, which has allowed Dentistry students to focus on head and neck anatomy.

studentsThe HoloLens headsets work as a single unit or simultaneously with groups of students.

There is functionality that allows the rest of the class to follow along on laptops or projector screens seeing exactly what the user sees.

Video recording capabilities also provide the option for assessments and revision.

Other areas in the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences will soon be using the headsets.