3 Dental students in a lab wearing blue scrubs and discussing a device

Clinic Day – Controversies in Contemporary Dentistry

20 July 2024 8:30am4:30pm
This year, the UQ School of Dentistry's annual Clinic Day, CPD event is on "Controversies in Contemporary Dentistry" which aims to provide dental professionals with an overview of the current controversies and debates in dentistry. The event is designed to facilitate discussions, critical thinking, and evidence-based decision-making on controversial topics in dentistry.
UQ Oral Health Centre Building

School of Dentistry Research Day 2024

26 July 2024 8:00am4:00pm
Research Day showcases world leading dental research carried out by our Honours, Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (DClinDent), Higher Degree Research (HDR) students and research staff. It’s an innovative forum to come together and share our research findings with a wider audience, enabling networking and collaboration.
A team of medical professionals in scrubs and masks operating, with surgical tools and equipment visible.

Practical Oral Surgery presented by Dr Barbara Woodhouse

16 August 2024 8:30am5:30pm
This one day course will provide participants with the knowledges and skills of everyday oral surgery. The will include extractions, impactions, breakages, instrument and suture selection, exposures, biopsies, pain control and closure of oro-antral communications.
Dr Sandleen Feroz

Biomaterials beyond boundaries: Integrating material science & technology - Dr Sandleen Feroz

14 June 2024 12:00pm1:00pm
Dr Sandleen Feroz is a lecturer in restorative dentistry at the University of Queensland. She is an interdisciplinary researcher, and her expertise lies in translational research in cariology, biomaterials and regenerative medicine.
Professor Peter Reher

Clinical Research Opportunities at the Oral Health Alliance (OHA) - Professor Peter Reher, OHA Director

17 May 2024 12:00pm1:00pm
Professor Reher is the Director of the Oral Health Alliance, a partnership between Metro North Health and UQ’s School of Dentistry. He is also a Professor of Oral Surgery at the School of Dentistry, University of Queensland.
Professor Belinda Nicolau

School of Dentistry Seminar Series – Prof Belinda Nicolau, McGill University Presentation: Human papillomavirus infection: not a necessary, but potentially a sufficient cause of head & neck cancer

9 February 2024 12:00pm1:00pm
This seminar will show the findings of Belinda Nicolau's research on Human papillomavirus infection, drawing from a study conducted in India and Canada.
Dr Xin Li

UQ School of Dentistry Seminar Series – Dr Xin Li, University of Hong Kong - Hydraulic Calcium Silicate Cements & Vital Pulp Therapy

4 December 2023 12:00pm1:00pm
This presentation summarizes the most recent information regarding the use of hydraulic calcium silicate cements for vital pulp therapy, this in terms of dentin remineralization and pulp repair.  In addition, some side projects for instance the development of a next generation of biosafe composite, the curing profile of bulk-fill composites and the gelatinolytic activity of dentin upon adhesive treatment will be introduced. 
Dr Jiao Jiao Li

School of Dentistry Seminar Series – Dr Jiao Jiao Li, University of Technology Sydney - Tissue engineering & regenerative medicine in chronic bone and joint treatment

10 November 2023 12:00pm1:00pm
This session covers Dr Jiao Jiao Li's research on developing regenerative therapies for joint diseases, using osteoarthritis as a model disease.
Jonathan Broadbent

School of Dentistry Seminar Series – Prof Jonathan Broadbent, Uni of Otago

20 October 2023 12:00pm1:00pm
Jonathan will provide an overview of past findings and plans for our upcoming assessment for age 52 of the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study (a cohort born in Dunedin (NZ) from their birth in the early 1970 to the present day).
Dr Mariano Sanz

Dr Mariano Sanz - Achieving predictability with soft tissue augmentation at teeth and implants: Hands-on course

23 September 2023 8:30am5:00pm
This hands on course hosted by Dr Mariano Sanz will provide participants with the knowledge and skills of basic soft tissue augmentation around teeth and implants.

New paradigm in periodontal management

22 September 2023 9:00am4:00pm
This is an exceptional opportunity featuring two international, high-profile periodontal researchers and educators, along with renowned local speakers. The workshop will provide up-to-date information and guidelines on periodontal management, including topics such as periodontal dysbiosis, biological plausibility, and clinical tips.
Applied Diagnostic Concepts in 3D Orthodontic Imaging and Treatment

Applied Diagnostic Concepts in 3D Orthodontic Imaging and Treatment

22 September 2023 8:00am3:30pm
This is a masterclass in orthodontic 3D imaging and treatment and is suitable for both specialist and general dentists.
Dr Karan Gulati

School of Dentistry Seminar Series – Dr Karan Gulati - Fit & Forget: Nano-Engineered Therapeutic Dental Implants

15 September 2023 12:00pm1:00pm
Dr Karan Gulati presents his research that showcases the potential of advanced implant nano-engineering via electrochemical anodization to fabricate nanopores (like nanoscale test tubes) on Ti dental implants to achieve tailorable bioactivity and local drug release.
clinically-based presentations

School of Dentistry Centre of Excellence Multidisciplinary Showcase: Raising the standards of oral care

29 July 2023 8:00am5:00pm
This one-day clinical day course will include multidisciplinary aspects of Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Medicine, Special Needs Dentistry and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery.
School of Dentistry 2023 Research Day

School of Dentistry 2023 Research Day

28 July 2023 8:00am4:00pm
Join us for The University of Queensland School of Dentistry annual Research Day, highlighting the depth and breadth of our innovative research, from regenerative dentistry and clinical translation, to public health and dental education.
Bilateral Dentistry Research Symposium

The University of Queensland and Tohoku University: Bilateral Dentistry Research Symposium

25 July 2023 9:30am12:30pm
This virtual symposium marks the beginning of collaborative work and establishing personal connections with like-minded colleagues from UQ and Tohoku University, Japan.
Ryan Lee

A guide for soft tissue management: Hands-on course

2 June 2023 8:30am3 June 2023 5:00pm
This is a two-day course that will provide participants with the knowledge and skills of basic mucogingival therapy around teeth and implants.