The University of Queensland and Tohoku University: Bilateral Dentistry Research Symposium

Tue 25 Jul 2023 9:30am12:30pm


Online via Zoom:

This symposium marks the beginning of collaborative work and establishing personal connections with like-minded colleagues from The University of Queensland and Tohoku University, Japan.

Please join in via Zoom and pass on to colleagues who may be interested.

If you have any queries, please email Jaya Seneviratne:


  • 9:30–9:35am Address by UQ Head of the School of Dentistry Professor Saso Ivanovski
  • 9:35–9:40am Address by the Dean of Tohoku Dentistry Professor Ken Osaka
  • 9:40–9:50am UQ Presenter I: Dr Cedryck Vaquette Additive manufacturing in regenerative dentistry
  • 9:50–10am UQ Presenter II: Professor Loc Do Dental Public Health Research at UQ Dentistry
  • 10–10:10am UQ Presenter III: Associate Professor Ryan Lee Clinical Research at UQ Dentistry
  • 10:20–10:30am Tohoku Presenter I: Dr Kunimichi Niibe Challenges to tooth regeneration using adult bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell-spheroids
  • 10:30–10:40am Tohoku Presenter II: Dr Shinnosuke Nogami
  • 10:40–10:50am Tohoku Presenter III: Kaori Takahashi Role of Wnt5a, released from the mechanically stimulated periodontal ligament cells, in trigeminal mesencephalic nucleus (Me5)
  • 10:50–11am Q&A
  • 11–11:10am UQ Presenter IV: Dr Jessica Zachar Evolving Dental Education With Technology
  • 11:10–11:20am UQ Presenter V: Dr Jaya Seneviratne UQ Oral Microbiomics for Learning and Application
  • 11:20–11:30am UQ Presenter VI: Dr Chun Xu Designer porous nanomaterials for biomedical application
  • 11:30–11:40am Tohoku Presenter IV: Dr Yasue Tanaka Acuity of Texture Perception and Mastication: The Relationship between Thickness Perception and Masticatory Performance
  • 11:40–11:50am Tohoku Presenter V: Dr Yukinori Tanaka The maintenance of allergen-specific regulatory T cells in sublingual immunotherapy
  • 11:50–12pm Tohoku Presenter VI: Dr Tetsuhiro Kajikawa The role of mucosal-associated invariant T cells in periodontitis associated with LAD1
  • 12:10–12:25pm Breakout sessions: I. Regeneration II. Public Health III. Therapeutics
  • 12:25–12:30pm Closing remarks: Dr Jaya Seneviratne (UQ) and Professor Hong Guang (Tohoku)


Jaya Seneviratne