This seminar will discuss: The oral cavity is replete with microbial residents on teeth and oral mucosa. Under circumstances, these microorganisms involved in oral diseases such as dental caries, periodontitis, endodontic infections, BRONJ, candidiasis and peri-implantitis. Over the last few decades, oral microbiota in health and disease has been studied as microbial biofilms and oral microbiome. Biofilm is a structural arrangement of microorganisms, often encased in a matrix of exopolymeric substance whereas microbiome is a characteristic microbial community occupying a reasonable well-defined habitat which has distinct physio-chemical properties. Oral microbiomics has been at the forefront of dental research. Higher drug resistance of biofilm communities presents a huge challenge in clinical settings and a major factor related to therapeutic failure. Recent technological advancements in OMICS biology and sequencing have unravelled hitherto unseen facets of oral biofilm infections, new pathogenic species and biomarkers. In parallel, novel diagnostic platforms and therapeutic approaches have been developed. We have studied oral biofilms-associated infections using in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models employing OMICS biology platforms. Our clinical studies have investigated the periodontal microbiome-systemic link. Foregoing studies have contributed to the deeper understanding of resistance mechanism in oral biofilm and oral-systemic link. In addition, we have successfully developed novel therapies for oral infections using drug-discovery approaches. This talk will introduce uQOLA (UQ Oral Microbiomics for Learning and Application), our research group at UQ Dentistry for the colleagues and students seeking collaborations on oral biofilms and oral microbiome research.

Dr Jaya Seneviratne is an internationally recognized academic and a researcher in the field of Dentistry and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Periodontology affiliated to the School of Dentistry, University of Queensland, Australia, where he serves as Director of Higher Degree Research. Dr Seneviratne’s track record includes over 100 publications in reputed international journals, 12 book chapters and an edited book “Microbial Biofilms: OMICS Biology, Antimicrobials and Clinical Implications”, Taylor & Francis CRC Press, 2017, and securing over $6 million AUD from competitive grants for his research and development work. Dr Seneviratne is an editorial board member of the Journal of Dental Research and Critical Reviews in Microbiology, and Chairman of the Session Committee of 2023 IADR meeting. An outstanding educator, Dr Seneviratne supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate students to achieve excellence in their research, with many of his research mentees having received prestigious IADR Awards. Dr Seneviratne’s key research interests include oral biofilms, oral microbiome and periodontal-systemic link. 

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