The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a means-tested funding policy administered by the Australian Government to improve access to dental care for eligible children. The Australian Commonwealth Performance Framework provides a principles-based approach for the conduct of evaluations across the Commonwealth and can be used to help plan how government programs and activities will be evaluated across the policy cycle in line with better practice approaches. This presentation will provide an overview of a body of research examining the impact of the CDBS on access to dental care, utilisation patterns and geographic distribution. Overall, the findings suggest that the CDBS has improved access to dental care for some children, but policymakers should continue to explore alternative approaches to non-operative appointments with a focus on preventive health care. 


Dr Nicole StormonDr Nicole Stormon is a lecturer at the University of Queensland and AHPRA registered Oral Health Therapist. She is also the Principal Research Fellow for Queensland Health Metro North Community and Oral Health and President of ADOHTA.

As President of ADOHTA Dr Stormon represents the oral health workforce and applies expertise, leadership and governance skills. As an advocate for oral health she has consulted on a number of national oral health policy issues. Dr Stormon has served as an expert witness into the Aged Care Royal Commission into oral health in 2020. A leader and advocate for her profession, seen through the recognition and implementation of oral health professionals in obtaining provider numbers and claiming within the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Dr Stormon has contributed to a number of public policy issues such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics Occupation review, Health Professionals Award review and represents Oral health therapists on the Australian Health Policy Collaboration and the National Oral Health Alliance.

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