Researcher biography

My research focuses on oral health and its role in general health and wellbeing. I am interested in the social determinants of oral health, along with health system and health workforce issues influencing oral health. My work is with groups who may have difficulty accessing appropriate oral health care, such as Indigenous Australians, people with mental illness and the homeless community. The health behaviours associated with adverse oral and general health outcomes, such as tobacco use, poor diet and infrequent attendance for health care are being investigated. This work provides a framework for developing interventions that are based on a common risk factor approach. I am a member of the Health and Addictive Behaviour Interventions (HABIT) Research Group at UQCCR.

I obtained my BDSc from The University of Queensland in 1989 and worked as a private dental practitioner in the UK and then in Brisbane. The interest I developed in dental research during the year of my BDentSt in 1987 led to my decision to return to this area and commence a PhD in 2001. I worked on an NHMRC grant examining the mechanism of the association between periodontal and cardiovascular diseases. I was awarded my PhD in March 2006, a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education in 2007 and a Masters in Public Health in 2013 from the University of Queensland.

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Dentistry, The University of Queensland and the Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee for the School.

I am a Councillor and Convenor of the Oral Health Committee for the Australian Dental Association (Qld Branch).