Researcher biography

Dr Peivand Bastani is a specialist in Health Services Research and Health Policymaking with the special interest in oral and dental health policymaking, policy analysis and the impacts of oral and dental health interventions on the populations. She completed her PhD in Health Services Management at Iran University of Medical Sciences. She has also two MScs in Health Services Management and Medical Education. She has many national and international collaborations in all the aspects of public health policymaking as well as oral and dental health applying qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Peivand is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Oral Epidemiology / Dental Public Health) at the School of Dentistry, University of Queensland.

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, MPH, PhD

Research Interests: Oral and dental health policy analysis, Socioeconomic inequality on children, elderly, SHCNs and indigenous population. Quality of life and impact analysis of oral and dental health interventions, Provision and Unilization of oral and dental health services