Researcher biography

Dr Nicole Stormon is a Lecturer at the University of Queensland and AHPRA registered Oral health therapist. She is the current President of the Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists Association (ADOHTA Ltd) and works as a clinical Oral Health Therapist for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service (ATSICHS) Brisbane.

As an early career researcher, Nicole Stormon has publications in high quality journals, numerous conference presentation and research collaborations. During her PhD research, she collaborated with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute on the NHMRC funded Child Health Checkpoint study to assess the dental health of Australian children. Large scale data management and advanced quantitative statistical skills were central to this ongoing collaboration. Health service research is a central theme of her research, with ongoing collaborations with Queensland Health to develop evidence-based and cost-effective models of dental care for children and disadvantaged groups, including people experiencing homelessness. Experienced in relevant HSR research methods including qualitative and scoping methods. Being a clinician herself and her effective collaborations to the health service are key to bridging the knowledge-implementation gap.

As President of ADOHTA Nicole Stormon represents the oral health workforce and applies expertise, leadership and governance skills. As an advocate for oral health she has consulted on a number of national oral health policy issues. Recently called as an expert witness into the Aged Care Royal Commission into oral health. She has also contributed to the various Dental Board of Australia stakeholder consultations and national guidelines such as the 2019 Fluoride Guidelines and Ankyloglossia consensus guidelines. She has contributed to ongoing public policy issues such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics Occupation review, Health Professionals Award review and represents Oral health therapists on the Australian Health Policy Collaboration and the National Oral Health Alliance.