Meet UQ Health valedictorian, Amanda Lin

13 Dec 2018
Amanda Lin
Amanda Lin

We asked UQ Health valedictorians to share what advice they would give their first-year self and what they will miss about UQ.

Amanda Lin | Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours)

What three pieces of advice would you give your first year self?

Make the most of every opportunity, and if it doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to try and create it! There are incredible staff and resources ready to support your ambitions.

Avoid being overly stressed about studying, and take in each moment. First year is certainly the least stressful, so go out and explore Brisbane, the beautiful UQ grounds, and make lots of wonderful friends.

Get to know others outside of your specific School, perhaps through other clubs and societies. The more we get to know others, the more we may come to know ourselves as well.

What will you miss about UQ?

I will really miss my dear dental student community that I’ve come to know and love. We are lucky to be a small cohort so we got to know each other very quickly. I thank this community  for supporting me in all my enthusiasm during my time. I will miss seeing many of these lovely individuals as frequently.

I will also miss many of our staff who have been dedicated to seeing us graduate with a positive educational experience. In times of stress, many have come equipped with sage advice and insightful stories to provide us the perspective we needed.

How do you think a friend/lecturer/tutor who knows you well would describe you?

I think I’d be described as being very motivated for my passion projects, to the point that they can be concerned about the amount of sleep I’m getting. However, they know that I must love whatever has been keeping me up! I might also be regarded as an enthusiastic event organiser and guest hustler. No one is safe from me encouraging them to come along to a social, academic or industry opportunity! While I may be serious at times, I am always ready to enjoy the moment, and to point out any and all dogs that approach our vicinity. 

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