Dr Sobia Zafar

People involved in Paediatric Dentistry related clinical research (* indicates those also working within Metro North HHS)

Dr Sobia Zafar

Dr Sakher AlQahtani

* Dr Karthika Balaji

Current students

Dr Yvonne Lai (PhD)

Dr Thomas Hogerheyde (MPhil)

  • Investigation of the effects of disinfection and sterilisation protocols on preformed paediatric crowns (Lead: S Zafar)
  • The biocompatibility of Paediatric Stainless steel crowns in the oral cavity (Lead: S Zafar)
  • Evaluating oral health and its impacts in Rett syndrome- stepping-stones to achieving a better quality of life (Lead: S Zafar)
  • Assessment of paediatric dentistry dental curricula (Lead: S Zafar)
  • The use of digital assessment tools in preclinical paediatric dental education (Lead: S Zafar)
  • The effect of Silver Diamine Fluoride on caries arrest and in hypomineralised first permanent molars (Lead: S Zafar)
  • Improving the oral health of individuals with Rett syndrome (Lead: S Zafar)
  • Assessment and reliability of the London Atlas for age estimation in Australian Children (Lead: S AlQahtani)
  • Interprofessional care for paediatric and special needs dental patients and (Lead: S Zafar)
  • Association between disability status and dental attendance patterns in children
  • Oral health of children of parents who are smokers and the knowledge and opinions of parents about oral healthcare for their children
  • Evaluation of dental trauma management strategies in children


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