Associate Professor David Thomson


Dr Bilal El Masoud

Dr Mark Gervais

Dr Ambereen Khan

  • Dr Kavita Rana: Screwhead evaluation of straight and angulated access channel abutment screws after repeated torque and reverse torque cycles: An In- Vitro study.
  • Dr Salah Mortaja: A Comparative Analysis of Abutment Screw Head Damage of Two Angle-Correction Designs for the Same Dental Implant System
  • Dr Reeyna Ohm:  Accuracy of two intra-oral scanners for various ridge defects in partially dentate arches: a comparative in vitro study
  • Dr Yong Hoon (Jimmy) Gim: Investigation of the performance of a new generation electric handpiece through assessing the cutting efficiency and surface roughness.
  • Clinical follow up on angled channel screw abutments. 
  • Accuracy of intraoral scanners in scanning partially dentate arches.