The epigenetic nanodiagnostics and therapeutics group aims to develop novel precise epigenetics diagnoses and therapies to treat periodontal disease – a highly prevalent gum disease.

Research focus

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are lipid-based membrane vesicles, released by all cells, both healthy and diseased. They are emerging as a liquid biopsy for diagnostics and ‘cell-free’ therapeutics for various diseases, due to their molecular cargos’ facilitation of cell-cell communication. There are two themes for EVs’ application in periodontal disease management: a) salivary epigenetic nano-diagnostics using EVs; and b) EVs as ‘cell-free’ therapeutics for periodontal regeneration. Furthermore, our group is also working on cellular nano-mechanics on different modified titanium surfaces, by investigating how cells sense the surface via mechanotransduction pathway.