The vision of uQOLA Research Group is to develop host-microbiome modulation therapy through unravelling the molecular mechanisms underpinning oral diseases and oral-systemic link. 

Research Focus

The oral cavity is inhabited by a multitude of microbial residents, both on teeth and oral mucosa. This symbiotic relationship between the host and microbiota is essential for maintaining oral health. However, microbial dysbiosis and a dysregulated immune-inflammatory response may lead to various oral diseases. Additionally, oral dysbiosis may also have implications in systemic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and adverse pregnancy complications. With recent technological advancements in OMICS biology and next-generation sequencing, previously unseen aspects of oral biofilm infections, new pathogenic species, and salivary biomarkers have been uncovered. At uQOLA, we aim to develop novel diagnostic platforms and therapeutic approaches to modulate the host-microbiota interaction to ensure optimal oral and systemic health.