Our vision is to revolutionize dental implant technology by creating the next generation of implants capable of providing maximum local therapeutic action with selective bioactivity to drastically reduce implant failures.

Research focus

Our research focusses on nano-engineering of dental implants to enable local drug release and enhanced bioactivity, targeting dental implant failure, especially associated with ongoing conditions (osteoporosis, diabetes, aged patients and smokers). Electrochemical anodization is used to impart controlled nanotopography to conventional dental implants to augment osseo- and soft-tissue integration, and achieve immunomodulation and antibacterial functions, via tailored local therapies. The technology translates well into all metal implants (Ti, Zr, alloys, etc.) and orthopaedic implants.

Dr Gulati’s GATORs group aligns well with the vision of COR3 group: novel dental solutions towards regeneration, reconstruction and rehabilitation. The technologies and strategies employed in GATORs group are cost-effective and scalable, ensuring clinical translation.