Our research integrates stem cell technology, osteoimmunology, biomedical engineering, and biomaterial science to achieve the physical and functional restoration of dental and oral tissues.

Areas of interest

Our areas of interest include:

  • Cells or cell derivatives to repair or regenerate oral tissues;
  • Immunomodulation therapy harnessing immune response by biologically active molecules and biomaterials;
  • In vitro modelling to mimic cellular crosstalk in periodontitis and systemic diseases

Group leader

Dr Yinghong Zhou

Group members

PhD students

  • Ms Tian Xu
  • Mr Cong Wang
  • Mr Zhengming Tang

Research assistants

  • Ms Zi-Ming Huang
  • Dr Yuqing Mu

The Immunoengineering for Regenerative Dentistry project is funded by:

  • UQ-Colgate Student Research Grant
  • Australian Periodontology Research Foundation Research Grant
  • International Team for Implantology Foundation Project Grant
  • Osteology Foundation Advanced Researcher Grant