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Professor Saso Ivanovski

Head of School, School of Dentistry

Director of Research and Professor of Periodontology

Email: s.ivanovski@uq.edu.au

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Dr Ryan Lee

Senior Lecturer

Ryan is currently a Senior Lecturer in Periodontology at School of Dentistry, teaching and directing both undergraduate and postgraduate specialist training (DClinDent) programs in periodontology. Ryan completed his specialist training with Distinction in Periodontology at the Eastman Dental Institute, University College London (UK) and received a Certificate in Periodontology by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP). His PhD was on the fields of implant dentistry and diabetic conditions.

Ryan’s main research interests are periodontal tissue & bone regeneration, diabetes, wound healing and biomaterials. Ryan is currently supervising number of post-graduate students (HDR and DClinDent) whose research projects involve clinical periodontology, tissue engineering and biomaterials.   

Email: r.sblee@uq.edu.au

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Dr Cedryck Vaquette

Senior Post-doctoral Fellow, Group leader Biomanufacturing and Regeneraive Dentistry (BaRD)

Cedryck Vaquette graduated with a Ph.D. degree in tissue engineering in 2008 and subsequently moved to the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, the University of Queensland. He joined the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (Queensland University of Technology) in early 2010 and was awarded the QUT Vice Chancellor research fellowship. In 2018, he joined the School of Dentistry (the University of Queensland) where he is involved in the development of multiphasic structures for various tissue engineering applications (bone, periodontal, and osteochondral regeneration) using additive manufacturing. His research interests are related to tissue engineering for dental and orthopedic applications.

Email: c.vaquette@uq.edu.au

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Dr Karan Gulati

NHMRC Early Career Fellow. Group Leader

Dr Karan Gulati completed PhD from the University of Adelaide in 2015, and was awarded Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. In 2017, he was awarded the NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (ECF) 2018-2021 (valued at 322,952 $). He has been a high-achieving researcher with an excellent and consistent record of accomplishment in terms of publications (h-index 18), research grants (>AUD$600,000 in past 4 years) and over 71 presentations (including invited talks/symposia) at reputed international conferences. His research group focuses on advanced nano-engineering technologies to enhance bioactivity and therapeutic potential of metal implants.

Email: k.gulati@uq.edu.au

Phone: 07 3365 8031

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Dr. Chaminda (Jaya) SeneviratneDr.Jaya Seneviratne

Senior Lecturer & Director of HDR (DHDR)

Dr. Jaya Seneviratne is an internationally recognized academic and researcher in the field of dentistry. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Periodontology affiliated with the School of Dentistry at the University of Queensland, Australia, where he serves as the Director of Higher Degree Research. Dr. Seneviratne's track record includes over 100 publications in reputable international journals, 12 book chapters, and an edited book titled “Microbial Biofilms: OMICS Biology, Antimicrobials, and Clinical Implications,” published by Taylor & Francis CRC Press in 2017. He has also secured over $6 million AUD in competitive grants for his research and development work. Dr. Seneviratne is an editorial board member of the Journal of Dental Research and Critical Reviews in Microbiology. He serves as the Chairman of the Session Committee for the 2023/2024 IADR meetings. As an outstanding educator, he supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate students in their research, with many of his research mentees having received prestigious IADR Awards. His key research interests include oral bacterial and fungal biofilms, oral microbiome and mycobiome, and oral-systemic links.

Email: jaya.seneviratne@uq.edu.au

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Dr Pingping Han

Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Group Leader

Dr Pingping Han received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology. There, she studied the impact of canonical Wnt pathway as regenrative medicine for periodontal regeneration. Dr Han is currently the group head for “Epigenetics Nano-diagnostics and therapeutics Group” within the COR3 center. Dr Han's research focuses on three themes: a) salivary nano-daignostics for periodntal disease, b) exosome as “cell-free” regenrative mecicine for periodontal tissue engineering and c) cellular nano-mechanics on different modified sustrates. 

Email: p.han@uq.edu.au

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Dr Chun Xu

NHMRC Senior Research Officer

Dr. Chun Xu received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and Nanotechnology at The University of Queensland, Australia in 2016. Before that, he got a M.D.S. in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and a B.D.S. in Dentistry from Wuhan University, China. He is currently a NHMRC Senior Research Officer and C.J. Martin fellow at The University of Queensland. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers in top journals and hold several patents. He also serves as review editor on the editorial board of Nanoscience, Frontiers in Chemistry. He is a member of ISO experts committee for Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies. His reseach interests include the synethesis and application of nanomaterials for biomedical applications.

Email: chun.xu@uq.edu.au

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Prof Ove Peters

Prof Peters has wide-ranging clinical and research expertise and has published more than 160 manuscripts related to endodontic technology and biology. He has authored two books and contributed to several leading textbooks in dentistry; he also is an associate editor for the International Endodontic Journal, an academic edoitor for PLOS One and serves on the review panel of multiple other journals. Dr Peters has received the Hans Genet Award of the European Society of Endodontology as well as the Louis I. Grossman Award of the American Association of Endodontists. He is a member of OKU and a Fellow of the International and American Colleges of Dentistry.

Email: o.peters@uq.edu.au

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Dr Yinghong Zhou

Dr Yinghong Zhou leads the Translational ImmunoEngineering for Regenerative Dentistry research team at the School of Dentistry. Her research interests extend across several transdisciplinary research projects, all with the central theme of biomedical engineering and bone/periodontal tissue regeneration. Her high-quality research leads the field in (a) hypoxia-mimicking bioscaffolds for bone regeneration (field-weighted citation impact=13.15), (b) trace element-mediated biomineralization (recognised by the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) Young Investigator Award, given only to two emerging researchers in the whole Asia-Pacific region in 2021), and (c) immunoengineering approaches for periodontal regeneration (introduced into the tertiary learning sector as the world-first Master of Philosophy (Materiobiology) Program at QUT). Dr Zhou has been awarded prestigious fellowships including the Endeavour Research Fellowship (2017), NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (2016-2020), and the BridgeTech Industry Fellowship (2021).

Email: yinghong.zhou@uq.edu.au

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Dr Himanshu Arora


Himanshu Arora is currently working as a Lecturer at the School of Dentistry, University of Queensland. He graduated as a dentist from the University of Health Sciences, Rohtak, India in 2005. He then went on to specialize in the field of prosthodontics from the prestigious Banaras Hindu University in India (2009). Himanshu completed his PhD from School of Dentistry and Oral Health, Griffith University in 2017 following which he joined the school as an academic.

In 2018, Himanshu was awarded the ITI scholarship and spent a year at the Center for Implant Dentistry, University of Florida in Gainesville, USA before starting his current position at UQ in September 2019. He is a member of the ITI and IADR. Himanshu has a special interest in the field of digital implant dentistry and has been working on research projects related to accuracy of guided implant placement in the anterior maxilla.

Email: himanshu.arora@uq.edu.au

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Dr Tulio Fernandez-Medina

Associate Lecturer, PhD Candidate

Tulio is a Lecturer at School of Dentistry-UQ. His research is focused on developing human tissue-like constructs in the laboratory using 3D printing technology supplemented with different autologous tissues. Tulio is interested in exploring the possibilities of using blood products such PRF and PRP in the biomaterial surface interphase that potentially modulates the immune response by reducing foreing body reaction in biomedical implantable device.

Email: t.fernandez@uq.edu.au

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Dr Nimal Thattaruparambil Raveendran

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Nimal Raveendran is a postdoctoral research fellow working with Professor  Saso Ivanovski. His research is focused on developing human tissue-like constructs in the laboratory using 3D bioprinting technology. He is involved with different projects to explore the potential of 3D bioprinting in regenerative dentistry and the development of tissue models for drug screening.

Email: n.thattaruparambilraveendran@uq.edu.au 

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PhD students

Dr Srinivas Ramachandra

PhD student

Srinivas Ramachandra is a PhD student with Professor Saso Ivanovski. His PhD project involves studying and validating new models for biofilms, evaluting the effect of antimicrobials on biofilms and a clinical trial on the adjunctive use of azithromycin in patients with advanced periodontitis.

Email: s.sulugoduramachandra@uq.net.au

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Vignesh Selvaprithiviraj

PhD student

I have received my masters in Nanoscience and Technology from Amrita Center for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine. In the Biomanufacturing and Regenerative Dentistry group, my research focuses on devlopment of  injectable hydrogel systems for soft tissue expansion and hard tissue regeneration in orodental reconstruction.

Email: v.selvaprithiviraj@uq.net.au

Anjana Jayasree

PhD Student

Ms Anjana Jayasree holds B.Tech - Biotechnology (University of Calicut, India) and M.Tech - Nanoscience and Technology degrees (Amrita University, India). She has worked as a Research Fellow at Amrita Centre for Nanoscience and Molecular Medicine, towards developing a multiscale fibrous scaffold for tendon regeneration. Her prior research experience includes development of biomimetic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering and bi-layered bandages for the treatment of diabetic wounds. She joined School of Dentistry, UQ in January 2020 as a PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Karan Gulati and Prof. Saso Ivanovski. Her PhD topic is Nano-Engineered Titanium Dental Implants for Tailored Therapy and Bioactivity.

Email: a.jayasree@uq.edu.au

Tianqi Guo

PhD student

Tianqi Guo received his MPhil in Dentistry in Jilin University at 2015, during which he studied the biosafety of modified dental implants. From 2018 he commenced his PhD at The University of Queensland, supervised by Prof Saso Ivanovski, Dr Karan Gulati, and Dr Pingping Han.  Here he is focusing on the surface bioactivity of nano-engineered dental implant/abutment for enhancing soft tissue integration at transmucosal region.

Email: t.guo@uq.edu.au

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Reuben Staples

PhD student

Reuben Staples received his Bachelor of Engineering in 2016.  He has worked for the Initistue of Health and Biomedical Engineering and 3B’s Research Group before starting his PhD with the i-TEAM. His interest surrounds topics of tissue engineering, biomaterials, and their theraputic application.  His work in the i-TEAM applies addative manufacturing techniques of Melt Electrospinning Writing and 3D printing to build scaffolds with micro-archectures for soft tissue guidance. 

Email: r.staples@uq.edu.au

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Amelia Carr

PhD student

Amelia Carr is currently completing her PhD in tissue engineering under the supervision of Dr. Cedryck Vaquette. With a background in medical engineering, within the iTEAM group, Amelia’s research focusses on 3D printing PCL compartmentalised scaffolds for bone-ligament-bone regeneration of the primary stabilising ligament within the wrist, with specific focus on mechanical behaviour of the construct, dependent on morphology.

Email: amelia.carr@uqconnect.edu.au


Masters students

Dr Aya Alali

MPhil student

Aya Alali holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from J.U.S.T. She is an MPhil student with Professor Saso Ivanovski and Dr. Ryan Lee. Her project focuses on studying and investigating the effects of Bioinspired Titanium nanostructures on oral soft tissue and oral biofilm.

Email: a.alali@uq.net.au

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Ms Kexin Jiao

Masters Student

Kexin is a masters student in iTEAM, supervised by Dr Pingping Han and Prof Saso Ivanovski. Her research focuses on salivary circular RNAs profiles in periodontal disease.

Email: kexin.jiao@uq.net.au

Mr Shu Hua

Masters student

Shu joined Epigenetic nanodiagnostics and therapeutics Group, COR3 in Semester 2, 2020, under the supervision of Dr. Pingping Han and Prof. Saso Ivanovski. Shu is currently working on an advanced research project- ‘Comparison of 2D and 3D cell culture derived extracellular vesicles’.

Email: s.hua@uqconnect.edu.au   

Mr Honghui Li

Masters student

Honghui joined Epigenetic nanodiagnostics and therapeutics Group, COR3 in Semester 2, 2020 under the supervision of Dr. Pingping Han and Prof. Saso Ivanovski and is currently working on the aerosol research project to visualize the air movement trajectory of liquid droplets and aerosols in the dental settings.

Email: honghui.li@uq.net.au

Divya Chopra

Research Intern. GATORs Group

Ms Divya Chopra completed her Bachelors of Technology in Biomedical Engineering and Masters of Technology in Nanotechnology from India and has research experience for more than 2 years in the field of nanotech-enabled biomedical applications. She has also worked as Senior Biomedical Engineer, Export Manager and in Business Development for various medical implant industries (for over 5 years). In 2019, she joined as a research intern in Prof Ivanovski’s group at UQ School of Dentistry working in the field of ‘nano-engineered anodized implants for enhanced bioactivity’.

Email: d.chopra@uq.edu.au

Mr Enmao Xiang

Masters student

Enmao Xiang has a background in bioengineering and joined the Ali3B and iTEAM research groups in 2021, supervised by Dr Abdalla Ali and Prof Saso lvanovski. His research focuses on investigating the the degradation mechanism of biodegradable metals in different corrosive media in vitro.



Dr Baoxin Huang

Associate Professor

Dr Huang received his PhD in Periodontology from Peking University in 2012. His research interest lies on: a) pathogenesis, prevention and therapy of peri-implantitis, b) Dental implant in the aesthetic zone; c) Research and application of bone tissue substitute materials in Oral Implantology.  

Email: dentisthbx@163.com

Yu-Kyoung Kim, PhD

Assistant Research professor

Dr. Kim received Ph.D. degree for dental biomaterials from the department of Bionanosystem Engineering, Chonbuk National University, South Korea in 2015. She is working in Dept. Dental Biomaterials and Institute of Biodegradable material, school of dentistry, Chonbuk National University from 2006. Her group, Dept. Dental Biomaterials researches about overall dental materials, specially biodegradable metals. Her research focused on ‘Polymer-ceramic Composite Coating for Promoting Bioactive Bone Formation of Bioabsorbable metal’ previously, and she focuses newly for ‘Guided bone generation using biodegradable gelatin cryogel with biodegradable natural polymer’. 

Email: yk0830@naver.com

Seo-young Kim, PhD

Assistant Research Professor

I received Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering of Metallic implants from the department of Bionanosystem Engineering, Jeonbuk National University, South Korea in 2017. I have performed a project by a grant (No. 2018R1D1A1B07043741) from National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) (2017.11-2018.10) and I have being progressing another project by the grant (No. 2017R1A6A3A01075727) from NRF (2018.06-present). Both researches are related with the control of biodegradability and the improvement of osteointigration on magnesium implant.

My research focuses on the surface engineering of metallic implants (Ti, Mg), the improvement of their bioactivity and biocompatability, mechanical behavior of materials, and the functional enhancement and corrosion protection of biodegradable Mg implant,

Email: mast6269@nate.com

Ayush Gusain

Masters student

I have received my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2017 back in India.  I worked for Toyota Motors India Ltd. and Tehri Hydro Development Corporation before starting my Master’s degree. My area of interest are nanotechnology, carbon nanotubes, various material characterization techniques, blending of materials to enhance their functional properties, biomaterials, 3D printing techniques, machine design.

Email: ayush.gusain@connect.qut.edu.au

Sina Habib Ershadi

Masters student

I received my bachelor of mechanical engineering in 2018. I enrolled in a double degree course in Queensland University of Technology in 2019. This package consists of two degrees (Master of Engineering Management and Master of Engineering). I have graduated the first one and currently working on a project relating to tissue engineering, my interest is to learn how to work with Abaqus and doing a simulation using the software for this project.

Email: sina.habibershadi@connect.qut.edu.au